CCW 4-Hour Renewal Training Course + Range Fee


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Please RSVP before Purchasing this course by contacting us at (661) 497-3089

Location: Bakersfield, Kern County, California
Shooting Range: To Be Determined

Course Fee: $180.00
Range Fee: $25.00

Course Fee includes a $15 non-refundable deposit for students who do not show up.

CCW 8-Hour Renewal Training Course

Kern County Sheriff’s Department Approved Course

Kern County Residents Only

Renew your CCW Permit with our 8 Hour CCW Renewal Course. This course teaches defensive tactics, aiming, use of deadly force, liabilities, and more. You’ll also go through live simulations to experience the feel of real-life situations. The student must provide the ammunition or purchase the ammunition from Tactical 360. We are a Kern County Sheriff’s Department Approved CCW Instructor.

Requirements For Course

Must already possess a CCW permit in Kern County, California. You must bring your own firearm, ammunition, and ear protection.